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Atomic Armoury x Double Bell

Double Bell Standard Issue M4 Gel Blaster Rifle (Nylon)

Double Bell Standard Issue M4 Gel Blaster Rifle (Nylon)

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Atomic Armoury x Double Bell Nylon M4

Nicknamed the Gen9 Killer, this blaster is a modern replacement to the trusty gen9. 

Featuring a solid nylon exterior, carry handle giving it the unique m4 style. All internals are Metal, including the gearbox, inner and outer barrel, this blaster hits a heavy 310 FPS out the box from factory!!

The quality and durability of this gel blaster will impress anyone who picks it up. It has a pinion guard protecting your internal wires so you never have to worry about glueing them down or having the wires come lose again. Out of the box, this gel blaster comes with metal gears and a really high quality O-ring. You will have the performance everyone wishes they had from their gel blaster. The SHS trigger block gives you a snappy semi-auto function with great durability. This gel blaster has a very unique flash hider with an inbuilt hop up, allowing you to keep the original style while maintaining functionality. With no upgrades needed, this blaster is already field ready, out of the box.


  • Nylon Receiver
  • Metal Atomic Armoury x Double Bell Gearbox
  • Averaging 310 FPS out the box
  • Nylon Handguard
  • Nylon Buttstock 
  • 7.3mm tight bore Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Inner Barrel Stabilizer 
  • Metal 480 Long motor
  • 1.3 Spring
  • 18 AWG silver wiring
  • Double Bell Piston
  • Double Bell Piston head
  • Thick O-ring for excellent seal
  • One piece Anti Reverse Latch
  • 100% cylinder
  • Polymer Outer Barrel
  • 18:1 Metal Gears
  • Metal trigger
  • SHS trigger block 
  • 11.1v ready Mini Tamiya plug
  • Realistic Decals 


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