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Atomic Armoury

Colt 1911 GBB by Atomic Armoury

Colt 1911 GBB by Atomic Armoury

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Colt 1911 GBB by Atomic Armoury

Atomic Armoury are a brand name manufacturer, that has expanded into the gel blaster market. We're super excited to bring the first of many products from Atomic to our shores/shelves! 

FPS is approximately 280-300fps out of the box, with all of the standard bells and whistles you'd expect from an airsoft quality gel blaster! 

Available in CO2 or Green Gas

The 1911 co2 pistols shoot approximately 300-320 fps.
The 1911 green gas pistol shoots approximately 260-280 fps.

NOTE:  Gas Blow Back blasters require a higher level of maintenance compared to a standard blaster, please be advised that if not maintained, it can affect your warranty.

Valve Tool and Gas Blow Back Lube are recommended to help maintain your Gas Blow Back Gel Blaster.

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