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HFC HG195 Desert Eagle - Black

HFC HG195 Desert Eagle - Black

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HFC HG195 Desert Eagle (Gas Blowback Pistol) - Black

The HFC HG195 Desert Eagle gas blowback pistol is a superb gun. The legendary gas blowback pistol from HFC, which is well-known for its excellent gel blaster weapons, is no different. With one of the hardest kicking blowback actions of any gel blaster, this Eagle lives up to the legacy of its namesake and real-life inspiration. Not only does this rendition by HFC kick hard, it also makes a loud noise. This exceptional true-scale pistol has a detachable full-size magazine and is constructed of sturdy ABS and metal parts. This gun is not made for small hands and each round it fires has a menacing kick. A strong recoil spring means that the slide locks back into place with a very loud and solid snap.


  • Very strong recoil
  • Good gas efficiency
  • Full blowback
  • Realistic takedown
  • Alloy frame
  • Polymer external build
  • Very similar to TM on externals
  • Functional trigger lock safety
  • Functional hammer
  • Gigantic handgun
  • Textured pistol grip
  • Locks open on empty
  • Markings:

Package Includes:

  • HG195 Desert Eagle Gas Blowback Pistol
  • Magazine
  • Manual
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