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SR .357 Revolver GBB Gel Blaster by Atomic Armoury - Green Gas

SR .357 Revolver GBB Gel Blaster by Atomic Armoury - Green Gas

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SR 357 Revolver - Green Gas

The SR 357 Revolver GBB gel blaster by Atomic Armoury is one of the most accurate GBB pistols currently on the market. Sporting either an electroplated chrome or matte black finish. This gel blaster isn't for the competitive player, catering for the more casual player who just wants a cool looking gel blaster to shoot around in the back yard and have fun. Averaging 150 FPS and manufactured in Taiwan this revolver has the quality we have all been wanting from revolvers with the performance to match. The blaster is both metal and high quality polymer construction. 

Package includes: 

  • 1 x Black or chrome SR 357 Revolver GBB by Atomic Armoury
  • 6 x Metal shells
 Upgraded parts:
  • 3d printed shells 

NOTE:  Gas Blow Back blasters require a higher level of maintenance compared to a standard blaster, please be advised that if not maintained, it can affect your warranty.

Valve Tool and Gas Blow Back Lube are recommended to help maintain your Gas Blow Back Gel Blaster.

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